Small Business Funding Center

Get the Money You Need to Grow Your Business

From a grant to jazz up your online storefront to a loan to help you stock up on inventory, the Small Business Funding Center connects you with the capital you need to launch and grow your small business. The juggle is real for hard-working entrepreneurs like you, so you can bank on easy applications and personalized recommendations here.

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Grants to Help Your Business Thrive

We’ve gathered small business grants from across the country and organized them all in one place to help your business prosper. Think of it like free money, with no payback required.

Our Money Marketplace

With quick access to money and lower credit barriers than most, our numerous financing options connect you with the capital you need to get growing.

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Community on Call

Join nearly half a million small business owners that have navigated money matters successfully. Hear their stories, learn from their experiences, and make connections, because at Hello Alice, we’re all in this together.

Required Reading

Get clear on what funding is available to your business and what options are the best fit for your goals. These interactive guides and personalized resources will point you in the right direction!

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Continue Your Journey

Putting money in your pocket is just a tiny part of our mission at Hello Alice. Join nearly half a million entrepreneurs who lean on us to unlock relevant tools, networks, and opportunities at every milestone along their unique paths to success.